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Isaac Williams (1737- 1820)

Born in Pennsylvania in 1737.

At the age of eighteen, Williams became an Army Ranger in the service of the Frontier when the French and Indians threatened the success of the Ohio River Valley settlements.  He served as a spy and courier during the ill-fated Braddock campaign making frequent trips carrying supplies and military dispatches. As the hostile environment was calmed Williams made annual hunting expeditions to theOhio RiverValleyaccumulating large tracts of land. Williams also accompanied Lord Dunmore in his campaign against the Indians in 1774, and was present when the treaty was made nearChillicothe,Ohio.

In 1775 Williams visited the Grave Creek settlement, where he had a chance meeting with a young widow, by name of Rebecca Tomlinson Martin.  That same year Williams claimed Rebecca as his wife. This advantageous marriage afforded Williams claim to the 400-hundred acre Tomlinson tract in 1787. Isaac and Rebecca along with their daughter, Drusilla, founded the first permanent settlement across from the mouth of the Muskingum, which still bears their name, Williamstown, West Virginia.

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Famously, during the famine of 1789-1790 Williams supplied his hungry pioneer neighbors across the Ohio Riverwith life sustaining corn.  Many speculators urged him to raise his price to $1.25 a bushel to which Williams replied, “Dod rot ‘em,” and would hear nothing of it.  He portioned the number of bushels to the family size and charged no one more than 50 cents per bushel (the current price in plentiful times). His generous and compassionate nature allowed the early settlers of Mariettato live until their own crops could sustain them.

Isaac Williams died at the advanced age of 84, in 1820, leaving behind a legacy of generosity, good business acumen and popularity.


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