Dr. Samuel P. Hildreth Room

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Dr. Samuel P. Hildreth (1783-1863)

Born inMethuen,Massachusetts, September 30, 1783.

Dr. Hildreth spent four seasons studying at Phillips Exeter Academy and at the Franklin Academy.  He received a diploma in 1802 from the Medical Society of Massachusetts, after having attended lectures at Cambridge University.  In 1806 he realized his ambition of seeing the far West. He journeyed a month on horseback to the Marietta settlement.  By December that same year he was persuaded by prominent Belpre citizens to move his practice. His arrival coincided with Harman Blennerhassett’s departure from his island paradise to embark on Aaron Burr’s ill-fated expedition.

Dr. Hildreth was particularly fortunate in his treatment of the numerous epidemics that swept the Ohio River Valley. His work and research during the epidemic of 1807 was the subject for a paper in the 10th volume of The New York Medical Repository.  Dr. Hildreth was elected to the state Legislature where he drafted, and succeeded in having passed, the first law regulating the practice of medicine.  Dr. Hildreth’s research covered almost every department of science: botany, biology, geology, physiology of the human body and natural history.  His published drawings of plants and insects showed a remarkable genius in artistic ability and accurate observation. His 4,000 piece specimen collection was dedicated to study at Marietta College.

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In 1822 he published in the New York Medical Repository two articles on hydrophobia, known today as Rabies.  In the epidemic of 1823 he was able to arrest his own illness in a few days by conducting a trial of Jesuit’s bark on himself.  He continued to write on various subjects throughout his life, including the spoonbill sturgeon, fresh water shells of the Muskingum, meteorological observation, and local history.

In 1836 he wrote and published “Observations on the Bituminous coal deposits in the valley of the Ohio and the accompanying rock strata.”  In 1840 he wrote the history of the first settlements of Ohio containing some 550 pages.  Dr. Samuel P. Hildreth was a man of science that appreciated beauty of the natural world and the pursuit of knowledge in its entirety.


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