The Rise of the “Staycation”

A news article on WTAP.COM came to our attention, highlighting the fact that Yahoo! Finance has included Parkersburg in a list of the Top Ten Cities in the US with the most affordable hotels. Congratulations to Parkersburg, but we’re betting that Marietta’s average hotel stay is pretty affordable too!

What this really points to is the rise of the “staycation” – where instead of the typical long road trip to the beach, national park, or other far-off attraction, folks are trying to stay close to home when they have vacation time. This saves on travel expenses to be sure, and with the recent rise in gas prices, saving money is a must!

We have only been open a few short months, but we’re finding a mix of both business travelers and families taking advantage of The Hackett – not to mention more than a few Marietta and Parkersburg local folks checking out our spacious rooms and close at hand dining and entertainment options!

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